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Assessment Tools and Targeted Goals

Posted by Lesa Manning on November 4, 2011

GES Parents,

In a few weeks, we will begin another schoolwide benchmark assessment.  We use the following assessments to measure student progress:

Dibels:  Grades K-3

STAR Reading Assessment:  Grades 2-6

Think Link Tests to assess Reading, Math, and Science:  Grades 3-6

For the 2010-2011, we met our Annual Yearly Progress goal in reading/language arts and math.

The following are the 2012 TCAP goals we must reach:

Reading- 66% of our students scoring proficient or advanced (2011 testing was 49%)

Math – 60% scoring proficient or advanced (2011 was 40%)

We are continuing with our Scott Foresman reading series for K-5, and Prentice Hall is used in the sixth grade.

Our new math program is Scott Foresman Envision Math.


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